4 alternatives to the summer dress


If you're anything like myself, you will need to buy a present, get dressed up, and dance the night away on at least three separate occasions this summer. Your go-to summer dress awaits as you prepare to eat cake and pop champagne with your friends and family; but who says you have to wear a dress at all? As styles and trends change, so does what is considered appropriate for a wedding. Ignore what your mom and aunt say about needing to wear that knee grazing summer frock and opt for something more edgy this summer. I have pulled together a list of fashion-forward outfits that will make you stand out amongst the guests (and maybe some of the bridal party).



You and jumpsuits go together like the happy couple. They are easy to get along with, always look effortless and more often than not they come equipped with pockets...what more could a girl ask for?! As the weather continues to heat up, opt for a jumpsuit with shorter sleeves and a cropped length to keep yourself looking and feeling cool.

Co-ordinating Seperates

Forget your grandma’s twinset, these co-ordinating separates are perfect for making a statement. Many separates show the perfect peek of midriff without you risking offending anyone during a church ceremony. Co-ordinating separates come in a variety of styles but for a summer wedding, I would choose a skirt or short on the bottom with a slightly cropped top. Think about your body type and choose a set that highlights your shape and personality.


It’s heating up so lets show some leg! I know, I know, shorts at a wedding seem a bit casual but stay with me. Just like co-ordinating separates the pattern and fit are key when dressing a romper up for a wedding. Rompers are so popular nowadays that finding one that fits your body and personal style should be easier than catching the bouquet.

Statement Trouser

If done correctly, a wide legged trouser can be just as elegant as a dress. If it's an evening affair, choose a more silky fabric with a wide leg and high rise. If the festivities begin earlier in the day, a lighter-weight fabric will still let you breathe (and perhaps opt for a stretchier waist band for all the post ceremony fun). Again, go for a pattern that you feel comfortable in and pair it with a solid coloured top if you're feeling a bit out of your comfort zone. Weddings are a great opportunity to show off your personal style so have fun with it!