Fall fashion for 2017 is about making a huge statement. 

By Shayna Wiwierski

Feathers, metallic, velvet - this fall is all about making an impression.

So far SS 2017’s biggest trends have been inspired by the 90's, but for fall we’re taking it a little farther back to the era when Madonna made her start. The ‘80s are officially back as we see oversized, boxy blazers and coats complete with, *gasp*, shoulder pads. 

Louis Vuitton   Photo: Umberto Fratini /

Louis Vuitton

Photo: Umberto Fratini /

“The biggest trend I see trying to break through is the return of shoulder pads,” says Monique Andrew, a Winnipeg-based personal stylist and fashion blogger better known online as Style Hunter Fox, “I think this is a trend that those of us over 40 may scorn a little because we did it the first time around, but like it or not, it’s time for the double-breasted power suit.”

You can already find oversized blazers at retailers like Aritzia and Zara (especially in red – this season’s it colour). But if you’re a babe on a budget, Andrew recommends thrifting to find the real deal - you know, the ones that are actually from the ‘80s. 

Louis Vuitton   Photo: Umberto Fratini /

Louis Vuitton

Photo: Umberto Fratini /

“A great way to try out a new trend, especially one based on a retro theme, is to go thrifting. I don’t know how many red, boxy blazers I’ve passed over at thrift stores over the past 20 years,” she says, adding that if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the silhouette of the jacket, pair it with a wide belt to accentuate the waist. Belted coats like this were seen at Louis Vuitton, Miu Miu, and Hermès. 

If wide or padded shoulders aren’t really your thing (it can be challenging for those who have a small or vertically-challenged frame), smaller-scale romantic ruffles and puffed sleeves are carrying into fall with Victorian collars and more statement-making sleeves. Andrew says if you’re scared of trying shoulder pads but still want to try the accentuated-shoulder trend, easing into it with the softer puffed sleeve would be a great way to get used to the shape.

Speaking of shoulders, the exposed shoulder – or cold-shoulder, depending on who you ask – is still sticking around with brands like Topshop, Free People, and Alice + Olivia all showcasing tops and dresses featuring this trend, done in a variety of different ways.

Other looks spotted on the runways for fall are jewel-toned velvets, corduroy, metallic, feathers, and fringe. ChanelSaint Laurent, and Oscar De La Renta models were all sashaying in glittery space boots, whereas Altuzarra and Erdem- who also just announced they were pairing up with H&M for the Swedish brand’s next designer collection this fall - had velvets in shades of purple, red, and gold making a statement. 

If patterns are more your thing, thankfully you can hold onto your Canadiana-chic outfits from #Canada150, as plaid is officially back (although, did it ever leave?) Western-inspired embroidery is in too, as seen at Calvin Klein and Balmain. Gigi Hadid was rocking patchwork at Tommy Hilfiger, and although red will make you blush this season, neutral plaid was spotted at Calvin Klein, Tory Burch, and Marc Jacobs.

Tory Burch   Photo: Peter White

Tory Burch

Photo: Peter White

Marc Jacobs   Photo: Umberto Fratini /

Marc Jacobs

Photo: Umberto Fratini /

Tommy Hilfiger   Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

Tommy Hilfiger

Photo: Yannis Vlamos /

Whether it’s something as simple as a one-shoulder velvet top or a ruffled blouse, there are so many ways to sport the hottest trends this fall. And even if you’re a little leery of fall’s statement shapes, Andrew offers up a piece of advice.

She says, “My favourite advice to clients who are afraid of a new look is this, all you do is put it on and walk out the door. There you go, you’ve pulled it off. Exposure and repetition make anything unusual seem normal in no time.”