Photographed by Alkan Emin

Photographed by Alkan Emin


With editorials in Vogue, Glamour, Marie Claire, Allure and Teen Vogue (to name a few) Winnipeg Native, Mical Bockru is quickly becoming Canada’s “IT” girl in fashion. Placed in New York with world renowned, Next Model Management, Mical has been the face for many high profile designers and beauty brands such as Maybeline, Becca Cosmetics, Colour Pop Cosmetics & Nars.

I sat down with our "bella" Mical to get the inside scoop on her journey thus far.

Liz Crawford


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L: With a career that has taken you to various cities and countries around the world, working for some of fashions most elite clients, what has been the most notable moment for you so far?

M: There have been plenty of highlights throughout my modelling journey but one of my favourite moments was the first time I was featured in an editorial for Vogue Magazine. It was a name I’d heard countless times growing up and an opportunity I hadn’t fathomed, especially so early in my career. The whole experience was really magical and it’s something I’ll never forget.

L: What do you feel are the most common misconceptions about being an international model?

M: I would say, perhaps the impression that it is an easy and strictly glamorous lifestyle. Modelling has brought me some of the greatest experiences of my life and I've learned lots about myself and the world in the process. However, it is a career path that forces you to become independent and adjust to unpredictability very quickly. 


L: How did your family feel about your first journey abroad? Where was your first placement and how did you prepare for it?

M: My first trip abroad was to London and in the months leading up to it I prepared by participating at Swish’s model workshops. We learned the basics like walking in heels and posing in front of a camera and it gave me the confidence I needed to tackle a larger market. When it came time to leave, my family was a little emotional but excited and beyond supportive. They knew how unique the opportunity was and they gave me the push I needed to try something new. 


L: At what age did you start modelling and how were you discovered?

M: I was scouted a few times early on in my teens years but initially wasn't interested because of how foreign the idea was. After letting the curiosity brew for a few years and doing a little research, my parents and I approached Swish Models and I began working locally in Winnipeg.


L: If you could give young women starting out in this business some advice what would it be?

M: Make the most of every moment and enjoy the ride without putting too much pressure on yourself. Modelling isn't something you can do forever. I think the best way to ensure longevity in an industry filled with so many pretty faces is to stand out by being confident, friendly and most importantly authentic. Whatever that looks like for you.

L: What do you see yourself doing post modelling?

M: I plan on returning to university and studying for a few years. I’d love to work towards creating change as an international human rights lawyer or study paediatrics and fulfil my childhood dream of becoming a doctor.


L: What take-aways do you think you will have from your experience as an international model that will help you in your next career?

M: Through modelling I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the best teams and travel to some of the coolest places. It has opened up my world and I have gained new perspectives from people of all different cultural and professional backgrounds. There’s plenty of things I’ve learned that will serve me in my next career but I think life experience will be the most priceless take away.