When it comes to working out half the battle can be finding fun ways to stay motivated. Challenging yourself with new exercises, moves, and workout routines can do just that! When planning your workouts this fall think dynamic, think movement, think multi-joint, be creative and enjoy yourself. The following 5 exercises are designed to effectively target the entire body, burn more calories, boost metabolism, improve overall fitness, and tone you up in the meantime. Use them together in a circuit or fit them into your existing workout routine.



Photo: Ashley Tokaruk

Photo: Ashley Tokaruk

A challenging twist to the 1940's classic Burpee we all love to hate! Using this variation will better target your inner thighs, glutes, and upper body.  

How it’s done: Begin the exercise by dropping down into a push-up getting your chest as close to the ground as possible. Then pop into a wide sumo squat position with your feet outside your hands. Finish the movement by jumping straight up as high as you can. Land and repeat.

Pro Tip: Add a mountain climber or leg raises at the bottom. Try holding dumbbells to make it even more challenging.



Photo: Ashley Tokaruk

Photo: Ashley Tokaruk

Tired of doing your basic bodyweight squats? Fire things up and burn your legs out with this plyometric variation!  

How it’s done: Begin with feet wider than shoulder width apart and toes slightly pointed out. Squat down and jump as high as you can bringing your feet together and landing in a narrow stance. Immediately drop into a narrow squat and again jump as high as you can. Land wide as you started and repeat, alternating between wide and narrow jumps.

Pro Tip: Try increasing the number of reps you do week after week or even time yourself, do as many reps as you can for a given amount of time.



Photo: Ashley Tokaruk

Photo: Ashley Tokaruk

Like anything in life, multi-tasking will get more done, more efficiently! The more muscles you can use at once, the more calories you'll burn and the more you'll speed up your metabolism. This combo exercise will shape and tone your back, shoulders, biceps and triceps.

How it’s done: Choose a weight that allows you to complete the exercise with good form. Begin with a bent over row in a position where the torso is near parallel to the ground, hips are pushed back, knees slightly bent and the lower back is tight. Pull the dumbbells up to your sides and lower back down to complete the row. Move into a standing position bringing the dumbbells up to shoulder height and press up into full extension. Lower back down, bend forward into a row and repeat.

Pro Tip: As you adapt to the exercise and it starts to become easier, try increasing your weight or increasing the number of reps.  

4. Single Leg Romanian Deadlifts

Slow things down, hit that long, straight, "T" position and focus on balance, posture, and strong healthy hips. 

How it’s done: Stand on one foot holding dumbbells in each hand. Hinging only at the hip, slowly bend forward into a “T” position where the bottom leg is stiff and nearly straight while the back leg is extended behind you in line with your torso. Hold this position for a moment and return to the start. Repeat.

Pro Tip: Try holding only one dumbbell in the hand opposite the foot on the ground.  This will place more demand on your core and hip stability.  Also try adding a row at the bottom or a shoulder press at the top.

Photo: Ashley Tokaruk

Photo: Ashley Tokaruk


5. V-Sit Twist and Press

Photo: Ashley Tokaruk

Photo: Ashley Tokaruk

Adding weight to your AB exercises can be the missing link to building a strong core. Instead of doing a million and one little crunches add some weight, do fewer reps and get more out of it. 

How to do it: Balanced on your hips with your body leaning back and your feet up, twist to one side turning your shoulders and head in unison to touch the ground. Twist across to the opposite side, return to a neutral position, and then press the dumbbell straight up, keeping your core tight and v-sit balanced. 

Pro Tip: Try performing this exercise on a bosu ball to really challenge those abs! You may wish to start without the dumbbell until you master it and then add weight.